Top tips for couples planning a post COVID-19 Wedding

Hooray! You’re engaged! Planning a wedding can be a daunting task, but in the current climate, there are other challenges you may not normally have to consider when planning a wedding. We’ve got some top wedding tips to help you plan your perfect day after COVID-19.

Pick your priorities

Discuss with your partner what the most important things are to you both for your special day and be prepared that some of these may have to shift depending on what restrictions are still in place. When it comes to your guest list, you may also need to consider a much smaller list of 10 – 20 people (micro weddings are going to BIG in 2021!) if your wedding goes ahead with social distancing restrictions in place. It may be the case that you and your partner end up having a much smaller legal ceremony with those closest to you, and a larger celebration much later on with your full guest list once you are allowed to do so. You could have a simple party, or a blessing, so those extended guests still get to see you and your partner make your promises to each other.

Picking one or two top priorities will really help when choosing your venue (if you haven't already), and the rest falls into place much more easily. Don’t be afraid to keep these priorities to yourself, as while friends and family can mean well with wanting to give wedding advice, if they conflict with something you’re really keen on having, it can feel overwhelming.

Remember that time can be a blessing

In the current climate, the diaries of lots of venues are filling up quicker than usual due to COVID-19, so many couples are having to reschedule, and you also may find yourself having to change your venue due to budget constraints or financial worries. Consider being flexible on the time of year you are willing to get married (winter is typically cheaper than summer). However, bear in mind that having time on your side can be a real blessing too when planning a wedding, so see if you can push your wedding day back another year. This will give you a chance to save up and have the wedding of your dreams - hopefully with fewer restrictions!

Focus on the positives

Lastly, it’s easy to get obsessed over tiny details and fear your wedding won’t be perfect and Pinterest-worthy, post COVID-19, but after such a strange year, people will cherish your wedding for the joy and happiness it brings. They are there to celebrate you entering an exciting new stage of your life - no-one will look back and say it was a great wedding because of the flowers, or the bridesmaids' nail polish all matching or because you did or didn’t have canapés. Be willing to be a little flexible and stay focused on the reasons you and your partner are making this wonderful commitment to each other.