Tips for choosing who to invite to your micro-wedding

The micro-wedding is a rising trend, especially with restrictions imposed by Covid-19.

The great news is, micro-weddings are fantastic and have a whole heap of benefits. You will save money, enjoy a more personal event, and celebrate with those you are truly closest to. Of course, there is some work involved when deciding who to invite! Take a look at the wedding tips below to help you choose who to invite to your micro-wedding.

Start with the obvious

First things first, sit down and decide who you absolutely couldn't have your wedding without. As a couple, you will have those people in your life who you need and want by your side at every special occasion. This way, you aren't listing every member of your family, all your friends, and every co-worker. You are focusing only on those who come to mind first, those extra special people in your lives. You may find that just by doing this you create your guest list, but either way, it is the best place to start.

Set boundaries - and stick to them

Set boundaries early on. These may include no children or no plus ones. This prevents a lot of additional numbers from being added and keeps your list concise. Make sure you stick to the boundaries that you set. If you make exceptions for some people, you will find yourself making those same exceptions for others, and before you know it, the list has doubled in size!

Make the list as a couple only

It can be tempting to get others involved in preparing the guest list, such as your parents. But this can be complicated and awkward. Work on the list as a couple, to avoid others' opinions taking over.

Don't feel guilty

It can be easy to feel guilty when you consider those you haven't invited, but don't! Weddings are intimate and personal events, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a guest list that reflects this. Not only that, but most people will more than understand your wishes and respect your decision.

With these tips, you will create the perfect micro-guestlist, leading you to truly enjoy your wedding day!