10 EDIE Mini Dandy White (Bright White) Broderie Embossed Wallets


EDIE Mini Dandy White Broderie Embossed Wallets


Dandy Bright White Broderie Floral Embossed Wallets
Designed to fit into the pocket section of any of our full size Pocketfold Invitations, you can use them as Save the Date, R.S.V.P, Lotto Ticket holders, Supplementary Information, Directions and so on. They can also be used as an invitation on their own.
The price is for a Pack of 10 Edie Mini Pocket, including the paper inserts, card inserts as well as a matching envelopes.

Adhesives Required:
Double Sided 6mm Fingerlift Tape (For assembling your pocketfolds).
Double Sided Tape Runner Pen (For Sticking Down your inserts).
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